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Celebrity hip-hop couple appear headed for custody dispute

Hip-hop fans in Minnesota may be familiar with Joseline Hernandez and Steven Aaron Jordan and their hit reality television series "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta". Hernandez delighted fans when she hinted that she was expecting her first child in a July 1 social media post, but hopes that the celebrity couple would be able to see beyond their differences were dashed when Jordan, who is also known as Stevie J, announced that he would seek full custody of the child if a paternity test identified him as the father.

Researchers report divorce rate dropped again

Married couples living in Minnesota might be less likely to divorce than in previous decades. According to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, the divorce rate around the country hit its lowest point in 2015 in almost 40 years. It has been steadily declining for the last three years while marriage has been on the rise. However, while marriages in 2015 were at their highest rate in six years, people are not getting married at the same rates they once did, and experts believe this may be one reason that divorce is declining.

Don't let a holiday celebration get ruined by a DWI

The holidays are a festive time that typically include a lot of parties and family gatherings. They are also a time when local law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for people who have over-indulged and may be driving under the influence of alcohol.

Court reduces child support payments for Amanda Stanton's ex

Minnesota fans of "Bachelor in Paradise 2016" might know that one of its stars, Amanda Stanton, has recently had a change in the child support she receives from her ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio. Stanton and Buonfiglio have two daughters and divorced in 2015.

Dividing student loan debt in a divorce

When Minnesota couples who are ending their marriage think about property division, what comes to mind is usually marital assets. Dividing real estate, investments and cash during the divorce process can be very complicated. What a lot of people don't think about is that marital debts, including student loans, must be divided as well.

Divorce could cost $1 billion or more

As many Minnesota estranged couples can attest, divorce has the potential to be rather expensive. Donald Trump's first wife received $25 million in cash plus a $14 million estate in a divorce settlement. His second wife received just over $2 million as per their prenuptial agreement. Celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Steven Spielberg and Michael Jordan have been involved in divorce settlements that totaled over $100 million.

What child support is for in Minnesota

While child support may help a parent cover the cost of raising a child, there are many costs that it may not cover. For instance, child support is not intended to pay for a babysitter for a young child or to pay for music lessons for a child to play on a select sports team. It also is generally not intended to pay for college, a car or wedding expenses.

What reasonable visitation means

In some Minnesota divorces involving parents of young children, judges will order that one parent has primary physical custody and the other parent has reasonable visitation. This is a form of visitation that does not have a set schedule. Rather, it is determined between the parents.

Oak Grove daycare's license revoked after toddlers found wandering outside

Oak Grove, Minnesota daycare Little Me Child Care has been closed indefinitely after its license was suspended in Oct. 7 after two children were found wandering outside on Sept. 5. The children, both toddlers, had left the building unnoticed and were found wandering around a service road located behind the daycare center.

Minnesota divorce and dissipation of assets

Dissipation of assets is a legal concept that applies when one estranged spouse wastes marital property in anticipation of or during a divorce. In some Minnesota cases, spouses are vindictive toward one another. One spouse would rather waste money than see the other spouse get it. The process can be war-like in cases like these, with spite, greed and anger as primary motivators. Every credit card statement line-item becomes a battle.

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