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No such thing as "too much" child support

Many single Minnesota parents rely on child support in order to provide for their children. However, there are some who often hear complaints about how much child support they are receiving. In some cases, the complaints may be coming from the other parent who is responsible for paying support.

Child custody myths that need to be dispelled

Pennsylvania children who are subjected to domestic violence may be at a higher risk for developing PTSD. This may occur in childhood or later when that child turns into an adult. In some cases, these problems can persist after his or her parents get divorced. This is partially because of a belief that a child may be safe from an abusive parent after a separation or divorce.

Why cohabiting couples should avoid mortgages

Minnesota couples who are living together but aren't married may want to reconsider buying a house together. While it may be seen as a step on the road to marriage, the law treats a couple differently when they aren't actually husband and wife. For instance, if the house is sold, both parties may be entitled to an even split of the proceeds even if only one person actually makes payments.

Life sentences commuted for nonviolent drug offenders

Minnesota residents may know that there are people serving decades-long and life sentences in prison for nonviolent drug offenses. Some people argue that handing lengthy sentences to nonviolent drug offenders leads to unnecessarily high incarceration rates. Since 1980, the prison population in the United States has grown from under 25,000 to over 200,000.

Property division and college savings accounts

Property division can be one of the most challenging aspects of a Minnesota divorce, especially when large assets are involved. Parents with substantial funds often make it a point to save aggressively for the college costs their children will face, especially if there are goals of sending their offspring to expensive institutions. Protecting these assets during the divorce process could be a serious concern as some types of accounts can be diverted for other uses or beneficiaries.

Many domestic violence survivors suffer from head trauma

In recent years, there have been many news reports about concussions suffered by football players and U.S. war veterans. However, comparably little attention has been paid to the head trauma regularly suffered by domestic violence victims in Minnesota and across the United States.

Shared parenting in child custody cases

In the last several years, child custody reform laws have been implemented across the U.S., and many states, including Minnesota, have put more emphasis on shared parenting following a separation or divorce. Studies show that children are happier overall when both parents are actively present in their lives, and spending equal or comparable time with both parents is paramount to a child's well-being.

How to make a divorce easier for children

Minnesota parents who are ending their marriage may want to take some steps to reduce the impact that it has on their kids. While divorces are always hard, a parent may be able to make the process seem more like a life change than a traumatic event. Children may find it a lot easier if their parents do things to minimize their own stress.

Resolving custody disputes in Minnesota

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games of 2016. While it may promote exercise, it may also cause a child to become addicted to the game or to gaming in general. As a parent, it is a good idea to limit screen time if that is what may be in the best interest of the child. In fact, parents may be allowed to delete the game from a child's phone or from a phone that they use.

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