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Putting a value on a business during a divorce

Property division discussions between divorcing spouses in Minnesota often become contentious, and these negotiations can be particularly challenging when one or both of the parties involved owns a business or holds a major stake in one. Placing a dollar value on a commercial venture is not always straightforward, and experts may sometimes be called in to untangle complex financial records, partnership agreements and other documents.

Judge denies motions in custody case against Chris Brown

R&B fans in Minnesota who have been following the highly publicized custody and child support case involving Chris Brown may be interested in knowing more about the results of a court hearing that took place on Aug. 12. Sources indicate that motions brought against the R&B artist by his child's mother included a request for full custody, a motion that Brown be required to submit to a drug test, and motions for monitored visitation for Brown and no visitation for Brown's mother.

Athletically gifted children and child support

As Minnesotans watched the Summer Olympics, they may have been interested in learning that several of the gold medal winners on the U.S. Olympic Team were raised by divorced parents. With training, trips and equipment costing hundreds of dollars each month for children who are at the top of their games, people may wonder which parent is responsible for footing the bill for athletes who are pursuing Olympic dreams.

Fewer people moving out of state because of divorces

Over the years, many Minnesota residents have moved to other states, and people from other states have relocated to Minnesota. This pattern of migration replicated across the U.S. has shaped the country's history as people move to new places in order to better their lives. In the last 50 years, the migration rate has declined, and demographers have not been sure why.

Unpaid child support triggers arrest warrant for Andre Rison

Minnesota football fans might be surprised to learn about the legal difficulties of retired NFL player Andre Rison. Despite his 11-year career playing for seven different football teams, he racked up approximately $300,000 in unpaid child support. His inability to keep up with minimum payments of $1,000 per month have resulted in the issuance of an arrest warrant.

What to do with the home and other shared property

Some Minnesota residents who are getting a divorce may face particular challenges if they have not traditionally been very involved in the family finances. They might find out that the family is not as well off as they thought, or they may simply lack the skills to untangle the financial situation and make the best decisions moving ahead.

Top 5 Daycare Licensing Violations in Minnesota

Everyone involved in a daycare situation has a personal stake in its day-to-day operations, including the owner/operator whose livelihood depends on things running smoothly; parents who entrust caregivers with their most precious assets; and vulnerable youngsters who need safe and healthy environments.

Common divorce misconceptions

Minnesota, like all other states, has a no-fault divorce law that allows couples to end irretrievably damaged marriages without having to prove wrongdoing, but that does not necessarily mean that behavior like infidelity or domestic violence is without consequence. Family law judges across the country may take the egregious actions of spouses into consideration when making spousal support rulings, and this can be particularly true when spouses have attempted to conceal assets or used marital funds to pay for affairs.

Unemployment may indicate a high chance of divorce

Minnesota couples may have heard that the divorce rate in the U.S. is at about 50 percent, but it can be difficult to understand why the number is so high. There are myriad reasons why a couple decides to end their marriage, and while infidelity and substance abuse issues may be a factor in divorces, studies show that employment, or lack thereof, is a major cause of marital strife and emotional stress. According to a study by a Harvard sociologist, however, employment seems to be a one-sided issue in matters of divorce.

The financial aspects of a divorce

The primary objective in a Minnesota divorce when it comes to finances should be to achieve economic security for both parties to the extent possible. Where such security is not possible, a workable plan may allow piece of mind before, during after the stress of the process. It is sometimes helpful to think of the process as divided into preparation, negotiation and agreement.

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