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Why planning for the possibility of divorce is important

It is practical for Minnesota couples to financially plan as if their marriages might end. While this may be an uncomfortable task, having a strategy in place to make certain each spouse will be financially okay if a divorce happens can help both to move forward.

Older people divorcing in large numbers

While Minnesotans may have heard media reports stating that divorce rates are falling, the trend among baby boomers to divorce in increasing numbers may be driving the overall rate to above 50 percent. Today's marriages are lasting longer, but people are also being more cautious about tying the knot and are getting married at much older ages than in prior generations.

Complex financial issues during divorce

A 2014 report from the University of Minnesota reported that older adults were divorcing at an increasing rate. When older couples end their marriage, there may be a more complex division of property because there are more assets to divide. The same may be true in a divorce when people are celebrities or very wealthy. For example, there is speculation that actor Johnny Depp's sale of part of his art collection might be linked to his divorce from Amber Heard although experts say that is unlikely. The marriage lasted only 15 months, and Depp began collecting the paintings in the 1990s. Therefore, under California community property law, they would probably not be subject to division.

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of abuse

Minnesota movie fans may have heard about the impending divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Although not much is known concerning the details of their filing, some of the allegations surrounding the situation may prove illuminating for others in a similar one.

Don't face a sex crimes charge without an attorney

A conviction on a sex crimes charge can bring severe consequences that will likely affect every part of a person's life. The unfortunate reality, though, is that an individual doesn't even need to be convicted of a sex crime in order to feel the negative consequences related to that conviction.

Seeing to needs of children during and after divorce

When Minnesota parents file for divorce, the future of the children is a central concern. According to the president of Amity Mediation Workshop, even the best efforts by parents to keep the interests children at the center of the process are often undermined by emotional stress and ingrained communication patterns. Rather than accepting this in an atmosphere of financial challenges and hotly contested divorce issues, the author offers pointed questions for parents best used as a prelude to mediation.

Judge orders back support paid to Bristol Palin

Minnesota residents may be interested to know that in May 2016, the father of Bristol Palin's 7-year-old son was required to pay $61,915.20 in back child support. While that settlement came after some drama, it appears negotiations with her other child's father are going better. Both Palin and the father of her 5-month-old baby have custody of the child, and a judge also granted visitation. The father lives in Kentucky while Palin lives in Alaska.

After multiple accusations, Bill Cosby faces trial for assault

Minnesota residents have likely heard about the stories involving Bill Cosby and sexual misconduct, and the comedy actor will face trial for felony-aggravated indecent assault. During a hearing May 24, a judge ruled that a criminal trial could proceed.

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