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Woman accused of embezzling substantial sum over 5-year period

The Hennepin County Attorney's office has filed charges against a former bookkeeper for misappropriating more than $675,000 from her employer over the past five years. Because the amount in question exceeds $35,000, a conviction could mean a prison sentence of 20 years at most or a fine not to exceed $100,000. The prosecutor will seek restitution as well.

Changes are gonna come slowly for MSOP p4

We are finishing up our discussion of the follow-up to the court decision declaring the Minnesota Sex Offender Program unconstitutional. In his opinion, U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank found the program seriously wanting in almost every way. The opinion ended with an order for the parties and major stakeholders (Gov. Mark Dayton, for example) to submit to the court their recommendations for how to turn the program around. Frank will make his decision following a Sept. 30 hearing.

Changes are gonna come slowly for MSOP p3

U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank has a fairly low opinion of how the Minnesota Sex Offender Program operates right now. In the June decision that declared the program unconstitutional, Frank noted that "there is something very wrong with this state's method of dealing with sex offenders."

Changes are gonna come slowly for MSOP p2

We are talking about the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, the post-conviction treatment program for convicted offenders that a federal court found unconstitutional this past June. The parties to the class action have now entered the remedies phase. The ruling made it clear that the program is in need of a complete overhaul.

Changes are gonna come slowly for MSOP

We did not mention it in our June 20 post, but the federal court opinion that found the Minnesota Sex Offender Program unconstitutional is 37 pages long. Even if it is an interesting read, the length may have surprised some: The judge, the Hon. Donovan Frank, made it clear that the findings and conclusions of law included in the opinion did not address the issues presented by the plaintiffs -- that is, it did not solve the problems MSOP has created for the men and women in the program. Determining that MSOP is unconstitutional just cleared the way for real reform.

Want to limit stress and keep costs down in your divorce? Consider mediation.

Years ago, it was widely assumed that going to court was always necessary to settle differences in matters of divorce and family law. These days, though, there is generally a better understanding of methods of alternative dispute resolution -- or ADR. 

Does Minnesota allow couples to sign postnuptial agreements?

Most people in Minnesota, and across the nation for that matter, are turned off by the idea of prenuptial agreements because they foreshadow divorce which is not something people typically think about right before they're about to get married. It's because of this negative connotation that prenuptial agreements are avoided even though they could prove incredibly useful for some couples.

Groshek Law's holistic approach to drug crimes defense

The rise in heroin and prescription drug addiction in recent years has resulted in more arrests of not only people accused of dealing drugs; individuals who are struggling with addiction but would never think of hurting another person have found themselves caught up in the criminal justice system.

Does detention system put the air quotes around 'juvenile justice?' p3

We are finishing up our discussion of the juvenile justice system and whether probation is a reasonable, effective alternative to incarceration. Research indicates that incarceration, in fact any contact with the juvenile system increases the risk that the youthful offender will become an adult offender.

Does detention system put the air quotes around 'juvenile justice?' p3

We are continuing our discussion of the juvenile justice system and the dilemma it presents to policymakers. More and more, it is looking as if incarceration is not the answer. Detention residences have not been particularly successful at rehabilitating juvenile offenders, and there is evidence that the experience itself may very well make the situation worse. Not only are offenders learning new criminal behaviors, but already troubled youth are being traumatized.

Does detention system put the air quotes around 'juvenile justice?' p2

A couple of months ago, the Department of Public Safety published a report based on the results of the 2013 Minnesota Student Survey. The anonymous survey is sent to students in grades 5, 8, 9 and 11 every three years as a way to gather information about kids' attitudes about school and family, for example, as well as about risk factors, including drugs and alcohol. In 2013, the state collected 162,000 responses.

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