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Sex crime registry laws: ineffective and unfair

In 1994, members of Congress passed legislation requiring states to keep track of individuals convicted of certain sex crimes. Since that time, state sex offender registry laws have grown more inclusive and punitive, the effects of which have served to both destroy the lives of many individuals convicted of sex crimes and also hinder law enforcement officials in identifying and tracking violent sex offenders.

Minnesota divorce law basics

Prior to filing for divorce, an individual has likely wrestled with making the difficult decision to end his or her marriage for months or even years. When the decision is finally made and an individual wishes to file a petition for the dissolution of a marriage, it's important to understand how state divorce laws may affect how the divorce progresses and the final outcome.

Legal help with paternity

In Minnesota, a biological father does not have rights to his child if he is not married to the mother unless he can prove that he is the father. This can be established through a recognition of parentage or a DNA test. The father will then gain the privileges of visitation and the right to seek custody but will be held responsible for child support.

In divorce, individuals would be wise to focus on finances

When a marriage fails and divorce is imminent, emotions run high and can interfere with an individual's ability to think rationally and make logical decisions. This is often true of even the most reasonable and level-headed men and women who are likely to be rattled by the hurtful actions and words of a soon-to-be ex-spouse. Add fear and anxiety over important matters like child custody, and it's no wonder some divorces become highly contentious affairs.

Defending against criminal charges requires individualized approach

Anyone who has ever been arrested and charged with committing a crime, understands how scary and devastating the experience can be. An arrest and criminal conviction can negatively impact an individual’s life in numerous and unexpected ways. From a juvenile who is convicted of drug possession and loses a college scholarship to a respected business man who is convicted of DUI and suffers professionally, the ripple effects of a criminal arrest and conviction could permanently and negatively alter the course of an individual’s life.

Back-to-school advice for divorcees

In the coming weeks, Minneapolis children of all ages will head back to the classroom to start another school year. For those children whose parents are newly divorced or currently going through a divorce; changes in routines, living arrangements and finances may present challenges come school time.

The many victims of a false rape accusation

Minneapolis indie music fans may be familiar with the band Bright Eyes. The band's founder and front man, Conor Oberst has enjoyed international success as a singer and songwriter and toured the world. More recently, however, he's been the subject of much speculation, debate and anger after a woman accused him of raping her 10 years ago.

Advice for dealing with debt and divorce

Money is often a source of marital conflict and strife. In many cases, when a couple decides to divorce, concerns over money and debt continue to be a source of major concern. Much the same way assets are divided during a divorce, debts will also be divvied up with both ex-spouses being held responsible for the repayment of certain loans and accounts.

Sorting out the issues regarding paternity and fathers' rights

Minneapolis fathers may be interested in learning about the legal definition of paternity and how it is established. Paternity can have a large impact on both a father's rights and the rights of the child with regard to support, education and other important life decisions.

Sexting could result in Minneapolis teens facing child pornography charges

For Minneapolis teens, technologies like social media and cellphones have been around their entire lives. It's no surprise then that teens are among the most prevalent and savvy users of social media and cellphone apps. These teen boys and girls readily rely upon digital technologies to communicate with and send images to friends often multiple times per day.

Minnesota unwed fathers advised to establish paternity

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during 2012, nearly 41 percent of babies born in the U.S. were born to unwed mothers. These babies were not only born to teen mothers, but also to women in their late 20s and 30s who have a long-term partner to whom they are simply not legally married. Regardless of the circumstance, any man who is not married to the mother of his child is advised to take steps to establish paternity.

Is your spouse keeping a secret?

Many Minneapolis residents can likely relate to doing something of which they are not proud. In fact some may even go to great lengths to cover up a past or present mistake or transgression. Attempting to hide a secret about one's current or past behavior is often extremely stressful. In cases where an individual is married, a major secret can cause many marital problems and even lead to divorce.

When grandparents may have visitation rights

In Minnesota, when a child's parents may not be able to provide the care that they need, they may be placed into foster care or be adopted by another family. However, the child's grandparents may still wish to be in that child's life. In some cases, the grandparents may be able to seek visitation in order to remain bonded with their grandchild.

Minnesota law regarding custody judgments

Courts in Minnesota are to follow a set of rules found in section 518.17 of the Minnesota Statutes when making child custody decisions. The statute defines a variety of factors to be examined thoroughly in order to pass rulings that benefit children and protect them from abuse.

Most serious charges against teen accused of plotting mass shooting dismissed

Minneapolis area residents likely recall hearing about 17-year-old John LaDue's arrest last spring. The teen was arrested after a woman became suspicious of his behavior at a storage facility and called police. Upon finding LaDue at the storage site, police also discovered explosive devices and the troubled teen's plot to kill his family and carryout a mass shooting at his high school.

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