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5 Woodbury teens face drug-related murder charges

Teenagers are often curious about and willing to try many things. While in middle and high school, many teen boys and girls experiment with alcohol and drugs. While most Minneapolis parents may worry about their teens smoking marijuana, many of today's teenagers are experimenting with so-called synthetic drugs.

Minnesota families may benefit from pursuing joint child custody

A couple of decades ago, it was typically mothers who would receive sole physical custody of the children. Fathers would be allowed visitation rights every other weekend and on certain holidays. However, this has been steadily changing over the years. It appears that joint child custody is much more common today in Minnesota and across the nation.

Gov. Dayton pledges to sign Minnesota medical marijuana law

Minnesota lawmakers recently announced a deal that will allow state residents to obtain a prescription for marijuana. Medical marijuana is currently legal in a total of 21 states and in the District of Columbia. In Minnesota, the fight to legalize medical marijuana has been a long one which ignited great debate amongst citizens as well as individuals in law enforcement, politics and health care.

Father awarded custody of 3 kids after facing false accusations

Wouldn’t it be great if every single divorce was finalized without a hitch? The truth is that divorce can be an emotional process, especially when children are involved, and it can quickly become complicated. In some cases, spouses will make false claims about the other parent in an attempt to sway a judge to see things their way.

Minnesota law provides contributing citizens with true second chance

Making mistakes are an integral part of being a human being. It's through mistakes that people learn, grow and mature into responsible and contributing members of society. In fact, it's often by experiencing the consequences of a mistake that an individual makes the conscious decision to make positive changes in their life. These were just some of the arguments that were likely posed prior to Minnesota's Second Chance Expungement law being signed by Gov. Mark Dayton.

Minnesota payday loan limits would include support exclusions

Deadlines are something that everyone deals with, and missing a deadline often has consequences. Where our monthly bills are concerned, making a late payment can have serious repercussions. But for individuals living paycheck to paycheck, the calendar doesn’t always work in their favor.

Civil commitment of 24-year-old Minnesota sexual offender overturned

We previously covered the debate over the constitutionality of Minnesota's sex offender program. Many in the state concede that, rather than provide sex offenders with treatment and rehabilitation; the program serves as a permanent holding pen for nearly 700 individuals who have been convicted of a sex crime. In fact, since the program began in 1993, only two individuals have been "unconditionally released" from the program and six out of 450 have successfully had civil commitments overturned.

Juveniles with mental illnesses belong in treatment, not prison

We recently discussed in a blog post concerns related to the notion that Minnesota jails and prisons are becoming holding pens for individuals in desperate need of serious psychiatric and medical care. Just this week, a news story provided details about a 17-year-old Minnesota teen's plans to shoot and kill his entire family and then continue his murderous rampage at a school.

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