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Judge reverses conviction citing prosecution's error

Cases involving accusations of sexual assault or rape are serious and should be thoroughly investigated for the sake of both the alleged victim and the accused. Criminal convictions in sex crimes cases often result in an individual being subject to harsh penalties including spending time behind bars and mandatory registration as a sexual offender. These penalties can severely damage an individual’s personal relationships and professional aspirations.

After high court ruling, fate of 8 prior juvenile offenders hangs in balance

Parents with teenage sons or daughters can attest to the fact that this age group often acts on impulse and are highly influenced by friends. For some teens, aggressive and impulsive tendencies lead them to drink, use drugs and engage in reckless behaviors. When an individual is highly emotional and lacks the capacity to fully process or comprehend the consequences of their actions, if stressed or triggered, he or she may engage in violent and dangerous actions.

Judge defends sentence as prosecutors pursue its appeal

In criminal trials that end in a jury returning a guilty verdict, the judge presiding over the case has digression when handing down a sentence. Even in cases where an individual is found guilty, a judge often takes a number of factors into consideration when determining a sentence. Included in these factors is an individual's criminal history, likelihood to commit another similar crime and evidence presented by defense attorneys during the trial.

Minnesota residents facing drug convictions face very different punishments

Individuals who face criminal charges related to drug possession, distribution or manufacture face serious penalties including months or years of jail or prison time and probation. While sentencing guidelines for drug crimes exist in Minnesota, sentencing decisions made by individual judges vary greatly throughout the state.

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