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Minnesota's lack of psychiatric care may spur growth of jail, prison populations

Mental health issues are extremely prevalent amongst Americans. In fact, according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, approximately 25 percent of U.S. adults and 20 percent of juveniles ages 13 to 18, report having symptoms related to some sort of mental disorder. Some of the most common mental ailments include anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and major depression.

Judge threatens to deem Minnesota's sex offender program unconstitutional

There's no doubt that a criminal conviction can adversely impact an individual's life in numerous ways. Time spent in jail or prison takes a toll on personal relationships and a criminal conviction may interfere with an individual's ability to keep or obtain a job. In cases where an individual is accused and convicted of a sex crime, the punishment and repercussions are often magnified and endure for a lifetime.

Minnesota drug courts aim to help addicts recover and succeed

When an individual seeks medical care for painful symptoms, a doctor seeks to not only treat the adverse symptoms, but also determine and treat any underlying health conditions that may be ultimately contributing to such symptoms. This approach makes sense and failure to address a health problem in this manner would likely result in a lawsuit. However, society often takes a very different approach when it comes to the adverse side effects that may result when an individual suffers from an alcohol or drug addiction.

Relationship contracts are becoming increasingly common

Anyone wishing to commit to a long term relationship will want to come to agreement with the other partner concerning reproductive, financial and other long term goals. We also would wish to take into consideration lifestyle issues such as how many children we want to have, what kind of pets we will own, etc. Marital contracts are becoming increasingly popular because these documents can be used to iron out these concerns.

Sex offender the victim in Hennepin County sexual abuse case

Sex crimes in Minnesota come with very serious consequences. This is especially true when the charges involve minors or vulnerable adults. The “vulnerable adult” classification sometimes applies when the alleged offender is in a position of power over the alleged victim.

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