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Crackdown campaign in Minnesota looking for drunk drivers

Drivers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas may notice a higher concentration of police out on Minnesota roadways. This is due to the fact that officers are targeting those drivers they believe are under the influence. This will no doubt lead to an influx in the number of people arrested for drunk driving and seeking out legal help. 

Minnesota man accepts plea deal in car restoration fraud case

In order to secure a conviction, criminal prosecutors might be willing to offer a plea deal to defendants. Generally speaking, a plea bargain affords a person reduced charges or a lighter sentence in exchange for admitting guilt in court. This may seem like a positive move for some, but it's still important to consult with an attorney before accepting a deal. After all, a guilty plea will still leave a mark on a criminal record, even if the penalties are reduced.

Juvenile arrested after police chase in Rosemount

While some actions of juveniles are just teens being teens, some actions can be viewed at by the court system as going too far and move into the realm of juvenile delinquency. For teens in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, when these actions lead to arrests and charges, the consequences can quickly add up and suddenly make the crime not worth the repercussions. 

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