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DUI charge dismissed against Minnesota state trooper

A former Minnesota State Patrol trooper -- who was accused of driving under the influence on his way to training in Duluth -- proved to the general public that anyone can end up facing DUI charges. Recently, he pleaded guilty to careless driving as part of a plea deal. His attorney believes this was a reasonable compromise to the entire ordeal and his hopeful the former trooper will go on to continue a career in law enforcement. 

Is compelling fatherhood just?

For most families, Father's Day is a joyous occasion to celebrate with family. Others, however, are struggling emotionally and financially, unsure about the implications of fathers' rights in their everyday lives. For many men who have an unplanned child, legal and financial options are surprisingly restricted. What do we do with a community of Minnesota men who are legally mandated to be in their child's lives?

More white-collar crimes being handled in state courts

Many white collar crimes involve very complex investigations by various law enforcement agencies. Many of these investigations are carried out by federal law enforcement officers, because local police departments do not have the resources necessary to spend on these crimes.

Divorced dads get support from women's groups

Divorced fathers who want equal time with their children will be getting a boost of social support from a child custody advocacy group that is composed of women. The efforts, which are sweeping through Canada and the United States, are part of a comprehensive movement to improve custody equality for all parents.

Judge ordered to evaluate support payments after job change

Minnesota parents paying child support are likely aware that judicial directives can change the amount they owe. A couple in Pennsylvania is experiencing just such a scenario after a judge was ordered to recalculate child support payments after their divorce. It appears that the father in the case took a lower-paying job, but the judge did not consider the man's intent behind changing employment when evaluating child support requirements.

Minnesota teen facing burglary charges for schoolhouse break-in

A 17-year-old from Waseca, Minnesota, was recently charged with three counts of burglary. The teen is accused of breaking into a schoolhouse on the Waseca County Fairgrounds in order to steal beer and other items. He supposedly had another juvenile break in with him, but that juvenile was under the age of 16 and charged in juvenile court. 

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