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White Bear Lake real estate agent sentenced for mortgage fraud

In recent years, real estate agents and appraisers have been the target of a crackdown on mortgage fraud. This means investigators have gotten involved  when s series of movement with properties has suggested some kind of collusion or fraud. 

Child support system encourages misuse

As an increasing number of states consider alimony and child support reform, a variety of social issues are coming to light that reveal the complex problems that plague these legal institutions. Child support in Minnesota is designed to improve the lives of young residents, not pad the pocketbooks of their parents. Critics of current systems argue, however, that many adults seek financial gain by manipulating laws. Poor parents are effectively punished through these requirements, while men and woman are both incentivized to have children with wealthy partners for their own gain.

Woman facing charges for taking son

A Midwestern woman who had fled to Tennessee in January is being held on a $25,000 bond after reportedly making off with her 3-year-old son. The child custody dispute is occurring in Minnesota's neighboring state of Wisconsin, according to authorities, and the woman is currently being held in the Outagamie County jail.

Court OKs driver's license suspension for overdue child support

A Minnesota court ruling may allow the state to suspend the driver's licenses of people who fail to pay child support on time. The measure was initially overturned in a lower court, but the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed the District Court ruling. The lower court had called the proposal unconstitutional.

Legal DWI driving limit in Minnesota could change

The National Transportation Safety Board recently recommended states reduce the legal driving limit from 0.08 percent to 0.05 percent. If this recommendation were to ever become law, this could lead to a serious increase in the number of Minnesota drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Men suffer for child support, get little help in custody battles

We hear a lot about "deadbeat dads" in the news. Fathers are railed against for failing to pay their child support and often in humiliating ways - some of which are even enforced by judicial order. There is the man who has been ordered by law not to have any more children. Another man who was ordered to admit his child support status to all women he meets. Some men are even forced to wear or display signs that identify them as "deadbeats." All of this negative attention does little to further fathers' rights in America, and in fact, ends up needlessly shaming men. There is a more severe situation that is often overlooked: The refusal of primary custodians to abide by custody agreements. Men need more legal support instead of blame, especially in these controversial situations.

Police in the Twin Cities on the lookout for drunk drivers

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has periodic enhanced drunk driving enforcement crackdowns in the Twin Cities area. For drivers in the area, this means that during a scheduled crackdown they can expect to see more police officers than normal out on patrol. These officers are specifically targeting those drivers who are believed to be impaired.

Minnesota man gets life in prison for methamphetamine charge

Charges related to drug crimes in Minnesota should not be taken lightly. Not only could these result in having a permanent criminal record, but depending on the severity of the accusation, it could result in prison time. 

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