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Rapper found not guilty on drug possession, paraphernalia charges

All types of drug charges, including possession of drug paraphernalia, carries with it serious potential consequences. This is why there are many Minneapolis residents will choose to hire an attorney to defend against such charges.

Immigrant regains custody after appeal

A recent child custody ruling in Minnesota overturned a lower court's decision, awarding custody to the child's mother, an undocumented immigrant. The ruling is considered a win for the 4-year-old girl's 20-year-old mother, as well as a victory for immigration rights throughout the state. Court officials ruled that the woman's immigration status should not affect the evaluation of her fitness as a parent.

Even in college, minor consumption is still illegal in Minnesota

For college students in Minnesota, some would argue that underage drinking is a rite of passage. College students all over the country do it and many get fake IDs to be able to get into the bars. The issue though is that sometimes these students end up getting caught and having to face serious legal repercussions for underage drinking.

How child support is calculated in Minnesota

Noncustodial Minnesota parents are often required to pay child support to their youngsters' other parent. This process can be somewhat confusing, as noncustodial parents may not entirely understand the way that child support is calculated in the state. Experts say Minnesota law provides for three specific types of support.

Increase in drug cartels could mean more methamphetamine charges

Anyone convicted for drug crimes related to methamphetamine in Minneapolis can end up spending a serious amount of time in prison. This is true for the person who is accused of just possessing methamphetamine for personal use, as well as being blamed for trafficking and transporting the drug throughout the state.

Getting out of the Child Support Hole

Midwesterners in Minnesota and other nearby states are advocating changes for the tens of thousands of residents paying child support in the area. In Racine County alone, more than 14,000 active child support accounts are in arrears because of defaults. Most payers owe more than $13,000; sadly, that amount accrues significant interest each day that it goes unpaid.

Real estate fraud leads to prison time for Eagan man

Even though it was argued the former vice president of a St. Paul developer's real estate firm never financially gained from a real estate fraud scheme, he was still sentenced to serve a year and one day in prison. Out of the nine charged in this real estate fraud, he was the only one to receive prison time.

Money Pictures May Cost Dad in Child Support Case

A Midwestern man whose Facebook pictures showed him literally rolling in cash and alcohol bottles may face a jarring court ruling as attorneys prepare to confront him about his child support agreement. The 23-year-old from Minnesota's neighboring Wisconsin is facing criminal charges in connection with the online profile information. He is accused of failing to pay any child support for his 3-year-old child.

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