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Minneapolis teen facing solicitation charges

An 18-year-old Minneapolis teen is facing serious solicitation charges after he allegedly threatened to post nude photos of another teen online. He was recently arrested by the Apple Valley police and is free on a $10,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in court in early April.

Man's name cleared, gets primary custody

A man who drugged his wife and sexually assaulted her does not seem like a fit parent who could be trusted with primary child custody. Luckily for an out-of-state man, both a jury and a family court judge ruled that those allegations were nothing but empty lies perpetuated by his wife.

E-DWI pushes charges through even faster in Minnesota

After an arrest in Minnesota, the suspect needs to be charged with an actual crime within 36 hours. If not, the suspect must be let go. With paperwork and the back-and-forth that goes on between the police, the prosecutor's office and the courts, this 36-hour window of opportunity can sometimes close before charges are pressed.

Journey guitarist wins child support match

The ex-wife of Journey guitarist Neal Schon filed a legal complaint seeking additional child support funds from the rocker, claiming that the man had not been paying enough to assist his children. The woman, who was Schon's fourth wife, was seeking additional compensation in Minnesota courts in the amount of $5,758 each month. Schon had been paying about $3,000 in child support payments each month.

St. Paul Crime Lab under scrutiny for procedures and devices

The St. Paul Crime Lab has come under much scrutiny. Now, the legal challenges against some of the evidence tested at the lab are going back to the courtroom in order to see if the testing procedures and equipment could have contaminated the results.

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