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Supreme Court: Should DNA samples be taken from arrestees?

The U.S. Supreme Court recently weighed the positives and negatives of collecting a DNA sample from anyone who is arrested -- but not necessarily convicted -- of a crime. The issue is whether or not the privacy concerns outweigh public health concerns and if this practice is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Musician jailed as he struggled with child support payments

For noncustodial parents in Minnesota who are unable to meet their child support obligations, the ultimate fear is being forced to serve jail time for the offense. In many cases, these parents simply do not have the funds and are not malicious with their actions.

When a child custody arrangement falls apart

During a divorce that involves spouses with children, child custody arrangements are generally treated as the highest of priorities. In some cases, a spouse will spend substantial time and money - assuming the process is contentious - to adopt a favorable child custody arrangement. Once a judge finalizes everything, it's set in stone, right?

St. Paul man sues city, claims police brutality

The St. Paul City Council was recently expected to approve a $30,000 settlement involving a 26-year-old who sued the city and two officers who supposedly used unnecessary force while arresting him for an alleged probation violation.

Northfield man charged with kidnapping after taking child

Informal child custody agreements are a recipe for disaster. Family court judges establish child custody arrangements for a reason. When the arrangement is established in court, it is done so in a straightforward manner so both parents know what to expect. They will also know not to violate the order in fear of punishment.

Railroad executive and wife split

Many outsiders looking in will rifle through public divorce documents when the cases involve celebrities or individuals of high standing in society. This offers them a view of how people with lavished lifestyles choose to negotiate a divorce, child custody and child support. It can also provide fodder for gossip. Regardless, more traditional divorcing couples in Minnesota can sometimes glean lessons from high-profile divorces that they can implement in their own proceedings.

Attorney Christa Groshek - victim of DNR data breach

A new story was reported on January 31st, 2013, by Iris Perez of KMSP Fox 9 News. Iris Perez reports that attorney Christa Groshek, of GROSHEK LAW PA, was one of the identity theft victims of the recent DNR data breach. The story is below and can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Is a Segway a motor vehicle under Minnesota drunk driving laws?

In Minnesota, a driver is not limited to a car or truck when it comes to being accused of driving while intoxicated. In fact, in the past, drivers in the state have been arrested for DWI for operating non-motor vehicles, such as lawn mowers. However, a recent case won by a Medina, Minnesota, man highlights the fact that Segways do not fall under the category of motor vehicle in the state.

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