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What is the difference between legal, physical custody?

For Minnesotans with children considering divorce, their first consideration likely will be their children. Which parent will have child custody? How often will each parent spend with the children? Who gets to make decisions regarding issues such as schooling or medical treatment?

Positive tone advised to repair dad-child relationship

You're a divorced parent who does not have child custody. What do you have to do to maintain a good relationship with your child? That's a question asked often in Minnesota and across the United States by parents who don't enjoy child custody but have only visitation rights

Bad Evidence: Prosecutor Drops St. Paul Crime Lab Case

Last week, Ramsey County prosecutors dropped fifth-degree controlled substance charges against a St. Paul woman after a secondary test of the evidence came back negative. The woman had originally been charged with possession of methamphetamine following an arrest in April of last year.

Should the bank balance determine child custody?

It isn't uncommon for people to divorce and not be able to agree on child custody and support issues. And this is a dilemma Minnesotans and individuals throughout the United States have undoubtedly faced. However, when finances come into play, that's another problem most individuals face.

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