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Children upset by divorce may need assistance

Divorce can be difficult on children, requiring many adjustments. The battle over child custody may alter their living arrangements, as well as inflict various traumatic emotions. For some children, this may manifest itself in acting out at school or home, behaving badly in public, or constantly being on edge and crying for no apparent reason. There may, for some, be changes in eating or sleeping patterns.

Intervention program saves time, money in child custody disputes

Fighting a long, contentious divorce or child custody battle with a former spouse can amount to a frustrating effort. Like many of these cases that we see in Minneapolis, spouses can become emotionally charged during this difficult phase of their lives. Due to these emotions, they hurl accusations at the other side and drag proceedings over property division and child custody issues on longer than necessary. In the end, this only costs spouses and any children involved, time, money and emotional strife.

Two Minnesota families battle for custody of child

The families of two Minnesota teenagers are fighting for custody over the couple's child after the girl's parents were killed in a murder-suicide. The child was orphaned after her 17-year-old father shot her 16-year-mother several times before killing himself. Both sets of grandparents are now battling for child custody in court, each accusing the other of being irresponsible parents.

Judge awards Usher primary physical child custody

One of the most critical questions stemming from any Minnesota divorce involving children is where those children are going to live after the break up. It's a matter that must be faced by all parents, regardless of economic circumstance or social standing.

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