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A sad and cautionary case of domestic abuse in Minnesota

Divorce and child custody cases that involve abuse accusations need to be handled with special care. In cases in which one party in a divorce is skilled at manipulating the judicial system, the other party is at an increased risk of being victimized, especially if there is a history of domestic abuse. Divorce attorneys can help their clients understand how to behave during a child custody dispute, especially if the opposing party is manipulative.

Model custody law provides guidance to deployed military parents

When divorcing, it's not uncommon for a parent to relocate to a different city or even to another state. When that happens, however, disputes may arise over child custody issues, including visitation and support matters. Those discussions become even more complicated when one of the parents is deployed in military service.

No C.S.I., St. Paul Crime Lab Drug Testing "Unscientific"

The majority of what many people know about forensic science and the analysis of evidence can be attributed to the television show, C.S.I. The popularity of the crime tv show has caused many prospective jurors to look unflinchingly at the work of a crime lab. Unfortunately, the reality of St. Paul's crime lab operation appears to be vastly different from the precision and accuracy of the C.S.I. lab on tv.

There are legal consequences for failing to pay child support

In Minnesota, child support is determined using a statutory formula that is based on income and parenting time. There are also Minnesota statutes that provide for arrest or other legal action when a parent fails to pay child support. The father in today's posting experienced such repercussions firsthand, resulting from the enforcement of a child support order.

Feds Calling on States to Stop Unemployment Fraud

The U.S Department of Labor estimates that states paid out over $17 billion in fraudulent unemployment payments last year. This includes both people who failed to report that they had returned to work and continued to receive benefits as well as those who claimed benefits when they weren't entitled to them in the first place.

After child neglect conviction, Minnesota family starts over

People, even parents, do things that they end up regretting throughout the course of their lives. A Minnesota father who admits to leaving his 11-year-old son and taking off for California has faced the wrongdoing he committed in abandoning his boy. He has returned to Minnesota, where his young son and members of the family are putting their family life back together.

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