Handling Tax Law Matters For Minnesota Individuals And Businesses

Did an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent serve you with a summon for information? Has the IRS executed a search warrant on your property? Whether the IRS contacted you by letter or in person, the consequences can be serious.

If the IRS asks for more information, suggests that you owe significant back taxes, notifies you that it has filed a tax lien or wants to levy your assets, you need to know your options. Contact an experienced tax attorney who will help guide you to the best possible outcome for your situation.

The IRS Is Not Out To Help You

At Groshek Law PA, our tax attorney has handled numerous cases for clients who were being audited or investigated by the IRS. Our law firm will work with you to build an individualized strategy to resolve your tax problems.

Innocent-appearing audits can lead to full-blown criminal investigations for tax fraud, so it is important to start your correspondence with the IRS off on the right foot. Groshek Law PA works to ensure that your audit is only an audit and that criminal investigations do not lead to criminal charges. Meanwhile, our tax attorney can hold the IRS accountable when it seeks to assess or collect additional tax or penalties.

We Are Ready To Help You

We are ready and willing to represent you before the IRS or in tax court when you owe back taxes. IRS processes are arcane and tax laws can be harsh, potentially leading to criminal tax fraud investigations and significant penalties.

For many years, our law firm has been providing skilled legal counsel to clients in Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities metro area. We treat each client as an individual rather than a number. This means we will take the time to listen closely to understand your unique situation. Then we will do our best to obtain an outcome that meets your goals.

There Is No Time To Waste

When there is any indication of an IRS audit or investigation, seek immediate counsel to learn about your legal options. Waiting or representing yourself may make your situation worse.

Contact Groshek Law PA today to schedule a consultation with our tax lawyer by calling 612-424-5829. Sending us an email is another way to get started.