Sexual Offense Convictions Lead to Long-Term Consequences

Former NFL great Lawrence Taylor is now a registered sex offender. He pled guilty in New York to patronizing an underage prostitute and sexual misconduct after having sex with a 16-year-old runaway who had been forced into prostitution. Taylor was fined $2,000, ordered to register as a sex offender and sentenced to six years of probation, which he will serve in Florida. Taylor's case illustrates that no one is immune from prosecution for a sexual offense.

Sex Crimes and Punishment

Each state deals with sexual crimes in their own way. In Minnesota, all sex crimes are deemed "criminal sexual conduct" and are assigned different degrees based on their severity and certain factors. The most serious, First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct includes sexual penetration with an additional factor such as the use of a weapon or the victim's age in light of the age of the perpetrator.

Second through Fifth degree crimes include similar factors, but address lesser forms of sexual contact such as the touching of the genital area, buttocks, breasts or inner thigh with a sexual intent.

In addition to sex offender registration, Minnesota's sentencing requirements are strict. The following are the maximum prison sentences and fines for each level of Criminal Sexual Conduct:

  • First degree: 30 years, $40,000 fine
  • Second degree: 25 years, $35,000 fine
  • Third degree: 15 years, $30,000 fine
  • Fourth degree: 10 years, $20,000 fine
  • Fifth degree: one year, $3,000 fine for gross misdemeanors; five years, $10,000 fine for certain repetitive offenses

The severe consequences of a sex crimes conviction makes it essential for anyone facing charges to contact a Minneapolis sex crimes attorney to prepare your defense.

Sex Offender Registration

Minnesota has three levels of sex offender registration.

  • Level 1: Considered least likely to re-offend. Only victims, witnesses and law enforcement are notified of their release or relocation.
  • Level 2: Pose a moderate re-offending risk. At-risk groups such as daycares, schools and nursing homes are also notified.
  • Level 3: Most likely to re-offend. The general public is notified. Community forums may be held for people living near a sex offender to give them specific information about the individual, sex offender laws and registration requirements.

A conviction for a sex offense in Minnesota will bring life-altering consequences. The sex-offender label can haunt a person forever, impacting where they work, live and spend their free time. If you or a loved one have been charged with a sexual offense, contact an experienced attorney specializing in sex crimes defense to discuss your options.