Minneapolis Homicide Attorney

Being charged with murder or any form of homicide can be a terrifying experience. Even if you are innocent or were acting in self-defense, simply being accused of murder can subject you to the stigma of being a "murderer" and having to deal with the stigma associated with the charge. If you are under investigation or have been arrested, it is in your interests to seek out the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

At Groshek Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota, homicide attorney Christa Groshek defends individuals throughout the Twin Cities against charges of murder and homicide. To discuss your situation with her in a free, confidential consultation, call her office today at 612-424-5829 or toll free at 888-721-1056.

Murder and Homicide Defense

Whether this is your first time facing criminal charges or you have a previous offense on your record, it is important to be ready to fight for your rights. Christa Groshek can defend you against a broad range of murder and homicide charges, including:

  • First-degree and second-degree manslaughter
  • First-degree, second-degree and third-degree murder
  • Criminal vehicular homicide

All of the different charges vary in the potential severity of the sentences, with first-degree murder having the harshest penalties. If convicted of first-degree murder, you could be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Christa understands the many factors that make up a homicide case and will provide you with an aggressive defense from start to finish.

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