Minneapolis Felony Aggravated Assault Attorney

If you are facing charges of felony assault, particularly in relation to a domestic violence case, you need to realize that you face harsh criminal penalties and need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney capable of fighting for your rights in court.

At Groshek Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota, criminal defense lawyer Christa Groshek defends individuals throughout the Twin Cities against charges of aggravated assault and domestic violence. To discuss your case with her in a free, confidential consultation, call her office today at 612-424-5829 or toll free at 888-721-1056.

Aggravated Assault

Christa represents clients facing a variety of charges and criminal penalties, including:

  • First-degree assault — great bodily harm

  • Second-degree assault — usually involves assault with a dangerous weapon

  • Third-degree assault — usually involves strangulation

  • 609-11 statues that apply to weapons cases require mandatory statutory terms of imprisonment

There are two primary forms of felony assault. The felony charge with serious bodily injury can be brought when an assault creates the substantial risk of death, permanent disfigurement, or the protracted loss or impairment of the function of any body part or organ.

Felony assault with a deadly weapon is a felony involving the use of a potentially deadly weapon. This could include a gun, knife, a blunt object or any object that can serve the purpose of inflicting death on a victim. With the potential for almost anything to be considered a deadly weapon, it is important to have an attorney capable of aggressively fighting for you in a trial.

Christa Groshek has a successful record in felony assault defense and has been able to achieve not guilty verdicts due to her case preparation and trial skills.

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