Using Social Networking and Discovery in Your Defense

Social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become immensely popular and allow individuals to share thoughts and events quicker and with vast numbers of people all at once.

From a legal standpoint, social networking can also be a tool for discovery, both in criminal defense and family law cases. Call us for experienced criminal defense at 888-721-1056 or 612-424-5829.

For example, lawyer Christa Groshek was involved in a case where a client was charged with sexual assault. By examining Facebook chat messages between the client and the person making the allegations, however, it was clear that the "victim" told the defendant she was of legal age to consent. The charges were dropped once the evidence was presented. These types of messages — as well as Tweets, wall posts, blog posts and other self-posted content — can be used as part of the defense.

Social Networking in Minnesota Criminal Defense

Just as criminal defense attorneys may be able to use social networking platforms as a source of discovery, law enforcement agencies may do the same. If, after committing a crime, a person says something about it on Facebook or Twitter, that information may also be used by law enforcement officials and prosecutors.

Social networking platforms that could potentially be sources of discovery include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Flickr
  • Foursquare
  • Android and iPhone applications
  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Chat and instant messages

By promptly and thoroughly investigating all sources of potential discovery, lawyer Christa Groshek can better protect the rights of clients and provide a more effective criminal defense.

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