Minneapolis Attorney for Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may need to file for an order of protection, also referred to as a restraining order.

An order of protection is a civil court order that protects you from your spouse, a family member or a significant other. The order can be limited to certain days, times and places and protect you and your children or just you.

However, because these are often filed in conjunction with domestic violence charges, a judge may be inclined to prevent the abuser from having any contact with you or the children at any time. Orders may be limited to a certain length of time and will be revisited on a regular basis.

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The Consequences of an Order of Protection

Filing for an order of protection gives you the security of knowing that if your spouse, family member or significant other tries to contact you, comes to your house (even if you own the property together) or tries to hurt you, the police will arrest him or her upon notification of the contact. This extends to contact by phone, email, text and social media.

Protect Your Rights — Contact an Attorney Who Cares

We understand the effect that domestic violence can have on your entire family. No one should have to live with the fear of being hurt, especially by someone he or she loves. We take a caring, understanding approach to these matters and can guide you toward an outcome that is best for everyone involved.

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