Family Law Mediation in Minneapolis

Due to the cost, stress and potential negative effects on children, there is often no real winner when a divorce or other family law case ends up in court. In most family law cases, mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution like early neutral evaluation (ENE) is a better option for everyone involved.

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Minneapolis Family Law Mediation

Mediation can be used to resolve a variety of family law disputes, including divorce, custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and division of assets and liabilities.

  • In mediation, a lawyer acts as a mediator for both parties, listening to their concerns and seeking to bridge the gap on important issues.
  • Mediation is not binding and both parties are still able to seek a litigated result if mediation does not resolve their disputes.

Using Early Neutral Evaluation Can Help Resolve a Separation or Divorce Faster and Cheaper Than in the Court System

Minnesota now offers an option called an early neutral evaluation (ENE) for couples who are separating, married or unmarried.

  • ENE allows the case to move through the court system as inexpensively and quickly as possible.
  • An evaluator, or team of evaluators, will investigate your financial status and your home life to determine the best solution in a child custody dispute.
  • We work with these evaluators on a regular basis and can help ensure a fair and neutral evaluation of your finances and of your home life.

We will then use the information provided by the ENE to help resolve your custody issues with your partner.

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