Minneapolis Attorney for Juveniles Facing Multiple Sex Crime Charges

When a juvenile is charged with one sex crime, the consequences can be severe. Add another sex crime to his or her record, and the consequences are life-altering.

Why? Minnesota juveniles who are charged with multiple counts of sex crimes on separate occasions must register as sex offenders for life. They register even as juveniles. They are thus marked as sex offenders for life, despite the fact that their juvenile records are sealed. This is not something to take lightly, even if your child was able to avoid serious penalties the first time around.

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When Juveniles Are Charged With Multiple Sex Crimes

Juvenile sex crime charges, especially multiple charges at different times, can cause a child to be charged as an adult through extended juvenile jurisdiction (EJJ) or adult certification. Lifetime registration as a sex offender is the consequence of multiple convictions — whether one is a juvenile or adult.

People who have been forced to register as sex offenders in Minnesota must alert authorities whenever they move. Their names are placed on a public sex offender registry. They often face severe public scrutiny, even when their crimes were committed as juveniles.

There are other options. It is possible to defend against sexual assault and other sex crime charges. Attorney Christa Groshek is an experienced trial lawyer who has a deep understanding of the juvenile justice system and will use that knowledge to provide a vigorous defense against the charges you or your child face.

An Experienced Minneapolis Attorney for Juvenile Rape Defense

Many criminal defense attorneys do not understand the unique challenges juveniles face when they have been charged with rape or another sex crime. Christa Groshek has represented numerous juveniles facing serious criminal charges in both juvenile court and adult criminal court. She understands how to overcome these significant challenges and protect her young clients' futures.

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