Prostitution and Solicitation

While an arrest on charges of prostitution or solicitation may appear straightforward at first, there are often important constitutional issues and police procedures involved that can lead to a dismissal or reduction of the charges against you.

If you were arrested on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute in a sting operation, what was said during your conversation with an undercover police officer? Often, undercover vice agents are electronically wired to record what is said. In many cases, however, the quality of the recording is so bad it's impossible to determine what was really said. Call us at 888-721-1056 or 612-424-5829 to discuss your situation.

If you are facing prostitution charges in connection with exotic dancing or an online escort service, how you were approached may determine if entrapment occurred or if the police even had probable cause to search your belongings or arrest you.

Attorney Christa Groshek has devoted her resources and experience to defending people facing criminal charges. As a result, she has a thorough knowledge of the criminal justice system, how prosecutors and judges think, and what to look for when police sting operations are involved.

Regardless of what the police tell you, an arrest on suspicion of solicitation or prostitution doesn't necessarily mean you'll be convicted. Protect your rights and discuss the options available to you — contact Minneapolis prostitution lawyer Christa Groshek today.

Solicitation or Prostitution Arrest

Minneapolis prostitution lawyer Christa Groshek advises and defends people arrested on suspicion of solicitation and prostitution involving:

  • Online prostitution
  • Solicitation in a car or along a city street
  • Craigslist, Backpage or listing in City Pages for escort services
  • Massage parlor solicitation or prostitution charges
  • Exotic dancing and prostitution charges

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Plea Bargains – When Evidence Supports a Conviction

If there is very little question involving your guilt, a plea bargain may be in your best interests. Depending on your criminal record and the circumstances surrounding your arrest, Ms. Groshek may be able to have the charges or sentence against you reduced. Additionally, Ms. Groshek may be able to negotiate a disposition to keep your record clean. If appropriate, she connects you with services to help facilitate a favorable resolution and help you move forward with your life. For those arrested on suspicion of solicitation, this may mean the difference between probation and being sentenced to jail.

Additionally, if you're divorced and have custody or visitation rights with your children, a plea to a lesser charge is preferable to a conviction for solicitation — or prostitution. You may be required to seek counseling and remain on probation for a period of time; the Department of Health and Human Services may want to conduct an investigation into your household.

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If you've been arrested on suspicion of solicitation or prostitution, contact criminal defense attorney Christa Groshek today to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case. Call 888-721-1056 or 612-424-5829.