Insurance Fraud Lawyer in Minneapolis

Insurance fraud is taken very seriously and is aggressively prosecuted. If you are being investigated for insurance fraud of any kind, it is important to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney before making any statements to the police, investigators or prosecutors involved.

At Groshek Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota, skilled criminal defense lawyer Christa Groshek works closely with clients facing insurance fraud charges. She provides vigorous defense and focuses her knowledge and resources on minimizing the effects of these damaging charges on her clients.

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A Diligent Defense Against Insurance Fraud Charges

Insurance fraud can take many forms. Christa Groshek defends clients against a variety of insurance fraud charges, including:

If you are convicted of insurance fraud, you could be facing large fines and prison time depending on the unique circumstances of your case. Insurance fraud cases can be tried at either the state or federal level. Christa Groshek, certified in state and federal court, understands how damaging insurance fraud charges can be to individuals and their families and seeks to resolve cases in a favorable manner, so her clients can move on with their rights and reputations as intact as possible.

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