Is Your Case Really Over? Not Necessarily.

Have you already lost your criminal defense or license revocation case? Even if you have, your story may still have another chapter.

In fact, here at Groshek Law PA, we have helped clients throughout the Twin Cities area protect their rights in criminal defense and license revocation defense matters even after those clients had already lost their cases.


We appeal their cases. In many circumstances, the law makes it possible for you to demonstrate that your case was wrongly decided in some regard and must be looked at again. Contact our attorneys today to find out if an appeal can be made for your case: 888-721-1056.

Experienced Legal Judgment

Our firm's team brings more than two decades of combined legal experience to the table. When you work with us, you will know you are working with experienced legal counsel who can recognize the issues in your case and accurately determine whether you have an appealable issue or not.

You will also know you are dealing with a firm that represents you by working closely with you. We always aim to make personalized and holistic legal representation our hallmark in every case we accept.

In doing so, we comb through your case thoroughly. That type of individually-tailored approach by itself can uncover or reveal an important detail that can change the outcome of your case on appeal.

Learn More About Our Firm's Appellate Team

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